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Rocklin Dentist - Mark F. Olson DDS, FICOI

"I have founded this office on the idea that modern dentistry involves much more than just fixing teeth. My team and I take pride in treating the people behind the smiles in a manner that is "unattainable elsewhere". We not only strive to provide the highest level of care, but will do whatever necessary to ensure your time with us is as comfortable and relaxing as possible."

Dr. Mark F. Olson, DDS is a Rocklin dentist who understands how the health of the mouth impacts the rest of the body. When you have problems with your teeth, jaw and gums -- be they structural or aesthetic – your whole-body health can be affected; gum disease can increase your risk of heart disease; jaw dysfunction can cause pressure in the sinuses and ears; and imperfections in your smile can diminish your self-esteem.

Through the cutting-edge cosmetic and restorative treatments available at his Rocklin dental office, Dr. Mark Olson can effectively address a wide variety of dental concerns to improve both full-mouth and body health. We believe that modern dentistry can be truly life changing. Dr. Olson is happy to provide the following as a part of his comprehensive dental services:

• Dental implants
• Porcelain inlays and onlays
• Composite fillings
• Fixed bridges
• Veneers
• Teeth whitening
• Complete and partial dentures
• Invisalign®

A Complete, Individualized Approach to Dental Care

At Dr. Olson's Rocklin dentist’s office, each patient receives thorough, individualized care that focuses on the health of the entire mouth. With a team of talented, experienced dental specialists on his team, Dr. Olson addresses problems with the teeth, gums, and jaw with a complete treatment plan that focuses not just on correcting the immediate problem, but on promoting lifelong oral health. This approach leads to longer-lasting benefits and helps to reduce costs over time, as there is no need to receive multiple treatments to for concerns that may have been overlooked or managed incorrectly with initial treatments.
Comprehensive Introductory Exams
The patient experience at Dr. Olson's dentistry practice in Rocklin is different than what you can expect from other dentists right from the start. Your initial exam will be a thorough investigation of your mouth using the latest technology, like intraoral photography. After completing exams on the muscles, teeth, jaw and gums and performing both an oral cancer and soft tissue screening and a functional analysis of your mouth, Dr. Olson will report his findings in terms of the aesthetics, structure, function and biology of your mouth. Then, he will develop a complete plan that fully meets your needs.

Dr. Olson has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and travels around the country teaching other dentists the art of restoring function and aesthetics to an unparalleled ideal.

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