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Considering Dental Implants in Rocklin?

Dental implants are a way to replace a missing tooth or teeth by recreating your tooth's natural structures with artificial ones. The major components are a titanium tooth root or implant, an abutment that acts as a connector, and a crown that covers the top of the implant, closely resembling your surrounding teeth. Rocklin dentist Dr. Mark Olson, DDS, is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and has devoted hundreds of continuing education hours to implant dentistry procedures.
An estimated three million people in the United States have a dental implant to replace a lost or missing tooth, yet only 10 percent of dentists in the country can place them, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Olson, a Rocklin dentist, is one of those dentists, and he has more than 10 years of experience in implant dentistry -- helping patients find a permanent solution to replacing lost or missing teeth.  

How Is A Dental Implant Placed?

Traditionally, dental implants are placed using two-dimensional imagery that requires dentists to make an educated guess as to the placement and angle of a dental implant. However, Dr. Olson's office is home to an on-site cone beam computed tomography 
(CT) scanner that most patients would have to go to a separate imaging center to take advantage of.Before your dental implant procedure, Dr. Olson will take CT scans. This allows him to view your jawbone in three dimensions. Using special computer-designed surgical guides, Dr. Olson is able to establish where the dental implant should be placed. After numbing the gum tissue, Dr. Olson will precisely place the dental implant in your jawbone.
Thanks to the surgically guided approach, your recovery time is often shortened by several weeks, if not months. Once the jawbone has healed around the dental implant, Dr. Olson will place the permanent crown that replaces your tooth.

Am I Candidate for a Dental Implant?

If you have ever thought about replacing a lost or missing tooth, you are likely a candidate for dental implant placement. Dr. Olson can use imaging scans to determine the likelihood of a dental implant's success. If for some reason you have lost a significant amount of jawbone where you would like the tooth replaced, Dr. Olson may be able to perform a bone graft to build up the amount of bone for a more secure replacement.
Dr. Olson offers a number of different dental implant types. These include: • Single implants, replacing one tooth
• Multiple implants, replacing several teeth
• Implant-supported dentures, where implants are used to anchor a set of upper and/or lower dentures

What Are Some Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an alternative to partial or removable dentures and bridges. Removable dentures and bridges are not intended to be permanent, nor do they offer the stability that allows you to chew and speak without difficulty. 
Additional benefits associated with dental implants at Dr. Olson's Rocklin dentist office include:

• Cosmetically pleasing appearance that restores your smile
• Does not require making adjustments to nearby teeth
• Helps keep your teeth from shifting alignment
• Long-term solution to replacing lost or missing teeth
• Reduces jawbone loss
You can typically return to work and your normal daily activities the day after getting a dental implant. While the sensation may take a few days to become accustomed to, you will likely forget it is not your natural tooth over time.
For more information about dental implants at our Rocklin dentistry office, please contact us at 916-782-4604 or make an appointment online today.